Tecmo offers its customers a complete range of solutions for the manufacturing and overhaul of industrial machines. The company boasts 30 years of experience and expertise in:

» Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems
» Metal work
» Mechanical work and Conveyors
» Refrigeration
» Packaging
» Automation and electronic controls

And will either manufacture a customized new machine for its customers or upgrade and overhaul an existing one. The assembly or the upgrade are performed at our plant in Daraya.

Some examples of machines upgrade include the addition of:
-Quality control system: integrated systems to automatically detect and reject   defects
-Monitoring systems: Warnings for the control of quality, safety and for   preventive maintenance items
-Data acquisition system: with recording, printing and warning capabilities.   The machine is often completely refurbished before the upgrade
- Automation systems: complete management of production and operations.

New machines are also designed and assembled for our valued customers in case of special or unique needs for their machines or their process
  Old and new controls for the machines
  The PVC tube production machine and the press that were upgraded at National Ammunition (Lebanon)
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