The automation & controls department has been optimizing the operations and management of Lebanese factories for the last twenty years.
It is a major player in the installation of electric and electronic equipment in industrial facilities and can install integrated systems to monitor variables like temperature, pressure, flow and emissions
It also provides and implements equipment to automate numerous functions in the factory
Parameters are hence continuously monitored for safety, efficiency or quality reasons. The data is often centralized on one station where it can be easily analyzed and backed up.
Major projects: electric, electronic systems for the following Lebanese plants:

  • Wadi el Akhdar
  • Liban-Lait
  • Air-Liquide
  • Gandour
  • Almaza

Instead of an ON-OFF manual button that can still be seen on the right, Air liquide has a complete monitoring system, where all electronic components are labeled as can be seen at the left

The control board where all the information is centralized and displayed

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