This department consists of two major entities: Cold storage and freezing and climate control


Tecmo has been a major player in industrial refrigeration for more than 30 years. It quickly became a dominant force in Lebanon and Irak in the 1970s, and extended its presence to the whole Middle-East and Africa throughout the following decades. Since then, it has already setup millions of m3 of cold stores in 30 countries and also sells its refrigeration units separately.
The major projects:
10 major cold stores (positive and negative temperatures):

  1. Moreco (Mount Lebanon, Lebanon): Freezer 24,000 m3
  2. Khaled Abou Ismail (Egypt): Freezer & Cold Stores 18,000 m3
  3. Kot (Egypt): Cold Stores 17,500 m3
  4. Compagnie Generale du Levant (Beirut, Lebanon): Freezer 10,000 m3, Refrigeration 6,500 m3
  5. Ali Zaatari (South, Lebanon): Refrigeration 15,000 m3
  6. Atallah & Muheissein (Bekaa, Lebanon) : Refrigeration 14,000 m3
  7. Omani Saudi Food Canning Factory (Oman): Freezer 13,000 m3
  8. Malco (South, Lebanon): Cold Store 13,000 m3
  9. Nasser Jabbali (Bekaa, Lebanon): Refrigeration 12,000 m3
  10. Yamak (North, Lebanon): Refrigeration 11,000 m3

Photo : societe Libano_Jordanienne (Bekaa, Lebanon, 1980s)

10 special cold projects

  1. Omani Saudi Food Canning Factory (Oman): Blast freezer 20t / day
  2. Poulco (Mount Lebanon, Lebanon): Blast Freezer 7t / day
  3. Pas Reform (Holland): water chillers
  4. Petco (Lebanon): water chillers 230t
  5. Nukali (Saudi Arabia): chocolate cooling tunnel 1t/h (picture)
  6. Ghandour (Lebanon): chocolate cooling tunnel
  7. A Khatoun (Angola): Ice block factory 7.5t/d
  8. Sogimex (Centrafrican Rep): Ice block factory 6t/d
  9. Coca Cola (Mount Lebanon, Lebanon): Fluid Cooler
  10. Air Liquide (Beirut, Lebanon): Cooling unit for CO2



Tecmo has been catering air-conditioning, ventilation and heating needs as well as humidity control and air cleanliness of major buildings, centers and hospitals for the last 3 decades.
Major projects include:

  1. Manufacturing of over 1,500 split system heat pump machines from 2.5 to 15 tons for major buildings in the country
  2. Sale of numerous chillers, water cooled or air cooled, from 2 to 320 tons to buildings, factories and hotels (Comfort Hotel, Chahine bldg, Zaatari bldg, Kamel Bldg, Master Chewing gum…)
  3. Customized design and implementation of HVAC systems for operating rooms and clean rooms, pharmaceutical labs, (Industrielle Pharmaceutique du Gabon, Alpha Lab, Frosst, Dar el handassa, Hopital Notre Dame du Secours (100% fresh air), European Heart Center (100% fresh air)…), Hotels (Dar/mer, 3S cottage), cigarotheque (Boisseliers du Rif)
  4. Sales of dehumidifiers from 2 to 20 hp for process, warehouses, compressed air (Interdesign, Idriss warehouse, Oteri…)
  5. Design and implementation of thermal storage systems (Maared-Expo Beirut, Oteri…) 
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