To help its customers cope with soaring energy bills, Tecmo teamed up with sister company Cedra in 2005 to offer complete energy savings plans and solutions. There are 6 strategic steps to our approach:

  1. Energy recovery: recycling of energy waste can increase efficiency from 30 to 60 or even 70%
  2. Energy control: use of energy is variable and controlled by current environment
  3. Energy storage: storing energy during low demand hours and re-using it during the peak ones
  4. Equipment upgrades: purchase or overhaul of equipments can result in 20-30% increase in efficiency
  5. Renewable energies: wind, solar, or bio-mass generators or hybrid ones will save fuel consumption

Typical results from this approach include:

  1. Increased efficiency from 30 to 60%
  2. Investment from simple 5K$ solutions to 1M$ complete energy economy projects
  3. Return on investment from 1-4 years
  4. Increased competitiveness
  5. Environment friendly image

The first step of the process is an audit performed by Cedra, a consulting company also member of the Assouad group

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