The Tecmo Group, founded in 1961, has been an industrial force in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa for the last few decades. The company is now covering 7 major fields:

  • General Contracting
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Aluminum
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Machine Manufacturing and Overhaul
  • Automation and Control

Tecmo is a member of the Assouad Group, a consortium of Lebanese companies privately owned by the Assouad family.


  • 1961: Tecmo is created as a consulting bureau
  • 1970s: Under the leadership of Elias Assouad, son of the founder, Tecmo becomes an industrial leader, specialized in industrial refrigeration, HVAC, steel structures, aluminum structures, packaging and trading of industrial goods
  • 1973: Tecmo is the first to introduce vacuum packing in Lebanon
  • 1970s: Tecmo becomes the leader in industrial refrigeration in Lebanon and Iraq
  • 1970s: Tecmo is the first to introduce colored aluminum for windows, bays, and shutters in Lebanon as well as sophisticated forms execution
  • 1978: Mecanix sal, a Tecmo spin-off and steel structure producer, is created
  • 1982-85: In order to meet the growing demand of its customers, Tecmo is divided into the following entities:
    • Tecmo Industries: turn-key industrial projects
    • Tecmo Froid: Industrial Refrigeration
    • Tecmo Clim: HVAC
    • Tecmo Pack: Packaging solutions
    • Domotec: Aluminum structures
    • Mecanix shops: trading of imported industrial tools and components
    • Mecanix Maintenance: Maintenance services
  • 1980s-1990s: After the middle-east, Tecmo extends its presence to Africa
  • 1996: Another spin-off: Cedra Engineering, a consulting firm, is created
  • 2005: Following the new organization of the Assouad Group, Tecmo and its spin-offs now consists of 3 entities: Tecmo (industry and contracting), Mecanix Shops (sales and distribution), Cedra Engineering (consulting).
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