the general contracting department appeared on the Lebanese
market in the early 70s and has delivered major industrial turn key projects, including factories and buildings for more than 30 years.
Examples of turn key projects include: steel structure factories, complete food processing lines, complete hospitals and detergent factories
Major Projects:

    • Industrielle Pharmaceutique (Gabon, turn-key pharmaceutical plant, 2-floors, 7000m2)

    • Henkel (Lebanon, turn-key detergent factory)
    • European Heart Center (Lebanon, turn-key hospital)

    • Coral Beach Hotel Extension (Lebanon, turn-key hotel)
    • Wadi Al Akhdar, Almaza (Leb), Al Othman (KSA): turn-key food processing lines
    • Mr Ibrahim el Sheikh (Lebanon, turn-key warehouse, 15000m3)
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